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20 April
Småland, Sweden
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24/7, 24/7 diapers, ab/dl, abaya, abayas, abdl, acting like a child, adult child, adult little girl, age regression, ageplay, airhead, anything pink, baby clothes, baby spice, being a doll, being a little girl, being degraded, being owned, bibs, big diapers, bimbo, burka, burqa, burqas, catholic schools, d/lg, daddy/lg, daddy/little girl, diapers, discipline, doll clothes, dollies, egl, emma bunton, feminisation, fjortis, forced anal, forced fem, forced submission, fucking daddy, genderplay, geri halliwell, ginger spice, girdle, head bands, highschool uniforms, hijab, hijabi, hijabs, humiliation, islamic clothing, jumpers, khimar, knee socks, maid's uniforms, mary janes, master and slave, mittens, modesty, muslima, muslimah, niqaab, niqaabi, niqab, niqabi, niqabs, pacifiers, painful sex, pig tails, pigtails, pink stuff, pj's with feet, plaid jumpers, playing princess, pleasing daddy, prep school, public diapering, punishment, restraints, ruffle socks, school girls, school uniforms, schoolgirls, sexual role-play, sissies, soggy diapers, soiling diapers, spice girls, submission
Im al little girl looking for someone nice. im into AgePlay Forced diapering Forced regression Spice Girls Barbie EGL and anything else a 12 year old girl should know